Semi-permanent Eyebrow Make 

We provide servies in eyebrows makeup design to matc you facial looks by adding eyebrow , eyes,and lips colors to make them stay for 1 years, without having to do any tattoos professionally reserved for you.

Correcting Tatooed Eyebrows

One of our service to correct deformed eyebrows and for those who have broken eyebrow end, to correct them to normal and natural eyebrows, and remake them as pretty as most corresponding to you face.

Semi-permanent Eyeliner Make 

We have services in eyeliner makeup, by applying unique technique for our own to make you eyes look bigger and beautiful, as are confident in our safe and sophisticated skill and technique from Europe

Lips Color Adding

We provide services in adding color to your lips,to make them always look pink color,healthy and full, withouthaving to use color lipsticks any more.
Apart from that,we help correct defect of dark color lips, and deformed lips, we are pleased to correct all the problems for you.


Nipple Pink

We provide services of color adjusting around breastbases, to make nipples look pink,naturally beautiful with guaranteed satisfaction.